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Marin Treks
Marin Treks
Exciting, Educational, Award Winning Natural History School Programs & Half Day Camps for children in preschool through high school

Brian Campopiano (aka Mr. C) is back to doing live reptiles programs for schools, preschools, scout groups, birthday parties, and half day camps whenever children are on vacation from school. Thanksgiving week, Christmas break, February winter break, April spring break, and about 5 - 6 weeks of summer camp.

(Please note that I follow the Novato Unified School District vacation schedule) 

To inquire about any program please email me:
and I'll reply as soon as possible.

I handle ALL program questions and registration via email.  
Old fashioned?  Yes, but I prefer the personal touch of emailing each customer rather than having impersonal online registration for classes, camps, and my many other programs.  Human connection is so very important.  Now more than perhaps ever before...

Reptile birthday parties:
Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays at your home or a local park or rec. center.  $325 for BD child and up to 12 guests.  
$15 for each additional guest and $1.50 per mile for travel outside the Novato San Rafael area.

Elementary school and preschool and home school class visits:
$150 for a 1 hour classroom program.  $135 for 2 or more class visits on the same day

Scout programs:
$150 for a 1 hour program.  Times are flexible.  Just let me know when your group meets and we'll plan a program.

Love and respect for nature and all living creatures is the guiding philosophy of Marin Treks! I teach children about their world through exciting, hands-on lessons that include handling and learning about leopard geckos, crested geckos, tree frogs, ball pythons, corn snakes, tortoises, and more.  We serve students from preschool to middle school throughout Marin County and Petaluma. Students enjoy our many classes, camps, and special programs. Join us soon and see what all the excitement is about!