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5% of each program will be donated to your school’s PTA!

Classroom Presentations:   Invite us to your classroom for a hands-on encounter with some of our remarkable reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids. Concepts taught include adaptations, predator/prey, camouflage, habitat, and diet. We can tailor your class program to fit your science curriculum and provide an exciting hour of learning for the students. 
Cost:  $100 for 1 class;  $90 per class for 2 classes (same day)
           $80 per class for 3 or more classes on the same day
(Please add $1 per mile for classroom visits outside of Novato)

Museum Visits:  Join Brian for a fun-filled hour (or 2) of discovery and wonder! Dissect an owl pellet while studying birds of prey, examine our large collection of fossils, build a habitat for insects or lizards and watch them explore. Of course, each student will get to study and handle some of our many snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards, arachnids, and insects. 
Cost:  $5 per child for 1 hour;   $10 per child for 2 hours
*There must be 1 adult present for every 6 children.  No charge for the adults.* 

Guided Nature Hikes:  Get your class outside on one of our beautiful Marin County trails.  We’ll discuss local flora and fauna and, hopefully, catch some insects, lizards, slugs, or amphibians to study.  Who says Outdoor School must be just 1 week during 5th grade? 
Cost:  1 hour $125 up to 20 students;   $150 for 21 or more
          2 hours $225 up to 20 students;   $250 for 21 or more
*There must be 1 adult present for every 5 children.  No charge for the adults.*

Animals in Your Classroom!   
We will bring an animal (complete with tank and all supplies) to your classroom, give a 30 minute lesson, and return in 3-4 weeks for another 30 minute lesson and to retrieve the animal. 
Cost: $200

To learn about our exciting and educational school programs, please email Brian (
​Marin Treks Natural History Museum offers exciting activities for kids featuring reptiles and amphibians, including: Birthday Parties, School Programs, After School Programs, Preschool Programs, School Field Trips, Scout Programs and Summer Camps.
Located in Novato, we serve preschool to middle school students in Marin County, San Rafael and Petaluma.
Hands-on School Programs Featuring Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects and Arachnids

Marin Treks offers teachers an amazing variety of natural science programs in the classroom, in the field, or at our Natural History Museum in Novato.
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