About Marin Treks

In July of 2007 I founded Marin Treks, a family-oriented outdoor science education and adventure company. 

I have number of student volunteers helping run many programs for children including: half day natural science camps, scout programs, after school programs, preschool programs, classroom programs and class field trips.    

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love for the outdoors and a basic understanding of the natural phenomena that drive our planet. Each program is designed to give children hands-on fun as they learn about the natural world in a fun, safe, and interactive way. 

I began my teaching career in Portland, OR in1988.  Since then I have taught elementary school, environmental education, and summer day camps for children from pre-K through 8th grade. I've also led many backpacking and whitewater raft trips. 

When not teaching I enjoy exploring the great outdoors.  Hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, camping, and backpacking are my passions.  My love and passion for the great outdoors is what inspired me to create Marin Treks.  I hope to share this love of nature with children and adults for many years to come. My popular programs are each designed to strengthen the bond between children and the beautiful world all around them. 
Please join me and share the wonder! 

Brian Campopiano 
(Or, as the children all call me, Mr. C.) 

​For more information, please email Brian Campopiano